The Case Study: More Playtesting

I’ve done more playtesting with the players starting in the middle of the board, and have continued to be pleased with the results. However, I have to admit that so far the results are all anecdotal. “It feels like this is working” is useful so far as it goes, but part of the goal of this blog is to be able to be more concrete.

A few weeks ago there was a “playtesting project“–general playtests that highlighted some rules issues and the need to have more players involved in rescues. I think it’s time for another project, this time focused on the “end run.” I’m planning to play ten games over the next two weeks in which I force the end run no matter the situation, and ten games in which I charge up the middle. That’s not a huge sample size, but tracking data on when the end run works and when it doesn’t will help address the question of whether or not it’s too good. As always, if you get the chance to play some games let me know how they go.


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