The Case Study: Updated Print-and-Play File

As I’ve played Over the Next Dune I’ve found that the terrain pieces, while printer ink-friendly, have inconvenient overlap into neighboring spaces. That overlap can create confusion when multiple things are near each other; if a space has terrain on three sides, it can look very much like there’s terrain in the space as well.

To resolve that issue I reduced the border size on the terrain pieces and filled them in with a (hopefully) desert-esque color. It should be easier to tell at a glance where terrain is and where it isn’t.

I also tried to shore up terrain piece number 4’s structural integrity with cross-pieces that still leave the spaces underneath mostly visible.

No changes were made to any pages other than the terrain, so it isn’t necessary to reprint everything. If you come across any problems with the new pieces, let me know!

Over the Next Dune – Print and Play – 4-2-14


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