The Case Study: Tracking Everywhere – End or Evolution?

(Sorry about the late-in-the-day update–things continue to be hectic here!)

Using tracking everywhere in Over the Next Dune has proven to be interesting. On the one hand, it completely breaks the game in its current form. It’s playable, the rules work, but it’s not that much fun. If you’re familiar with the joke about not needing to be faster than a bear, just faster than the slowest person running from the bear, it’s basically that in boardgame form. Somebody is offered up to the bear, everyone else rescues them, repeat until too many people are caught at once.

On the other hand, I can see a much more interesting game floating around in there. If the players and the searchers both interacted with terrain (as opposed to the current system in which searchers can ignore it), leading the searchers on merry chases could be a lot of fun. It would be a very different game from Over the Next Dune, but potentially a good one.

I’m torn about which direction to pursue. OtND is getting to a solid place, and I don’t want to leave it half-finished. Yet, the new idea seems like it has a lot of potential. If anyone out there has an opinion, feel free to share!


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