The Case Study: Beating the Worst-Case Scenario in Six Turns

Following up on last time, I’ve been testing the worst-case scenario to see if it’s beatable in only six turns. The answer turns out to be yes. It’s consistently taken the full time, but it’s doable.

If anything, having all searchers moving toward the players early has been easier to deal with than having them spread out. Once the players are past the initial wave the worst-case scenario presents, they’re more or less in the clear. The endgame is generally straightforward, with only one or two searchers reaching threatening positions.

While this is good news, it doesn’t mean testing is finished. I still want to make sure that the six-turn limit is sufficiently difficult to serve as “hard mode.” Mathematically the turn limit can’t go much lower, so if this isn’t enough of a challenge I’ll have to add difficulty in some other way.


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