Trust Me: Speeding Up Setup

Trust Me’s initial setup poses some challenges. On the one hand, randomness in the setup improves replayability. On the other hand, even when relatively few rerolls are needed it takes over five minutes. Furthermore, the setups that result can be uninteresting. It’s easy for barriers to get stuck between the edge of the board and a marker, such that they can’t move until Player 1 has passed them by and they’re irrelevant. I’ve also had barriers tuck themselves into corners or along the edges, where they’ll never affect the game.

In an effort to speed things up, and to ensure that there are enough barriers in relevant positions, I’m experimenting with starting some of the markers and barriers on the map. There’s no need to reprint the board if you have already; the changes are easily made with a pencil.

There are also two technical changes: the setup rules now prevent markers or barriers from starting the game in the “Start” space . . . and the “Start” space is now marked on the board. Oops!

Trust Me – 9-10-14


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