Lines of Questioning

As promised in last week’s comments, here’s a print-and-play version of Trust Me’s successor, Lines of Questioning:

Lines of Questioning – 10-13-14

Lines of Questioning is a solo board game that tries to capture the experience of questioning a witness in the courtroom. You know what you need the witness to say, and you have some control over what the witness talks about . . . but witnesses aren’t puppets. They have their own views and agendas, and you’ll need to work with what the witness gives you in order to win.

Over the Next Dune taught me that big print-and-play files are off-putting, so Lines of Questioning is very lean. The file linked above has both the rules and the stuff to cut out. The game ‘s components just barely extend onto four pages, and you can have the whole game ready to go in 15 minutes or less.

Many aspects of Line of Questioning were informed by my own experiences in and around the courtroom. On Wednesday I’ll talk a little bit about how I imported legal rules–and legal realities–into the game.


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