Lines of Questioning: Tiles with Text?

Right now Lines of Questioning uses simple tiles with prominent arrows. They’re unexciting, but very easy to read during play.

11-5-14 - Lines of Questioning - Tiles with ArrowsWhen I first had the idea that’s evolved into Lines of Questioning, I envisioned tiles that were a little more interesting. They would actually have a line of questioning on them, with the text indicating where the tile began and ended. Something like this:

11-5-14 - Lines of Questioning - Tiles with TextAs I work on the game, I’ve become torn on this kind of tile. On the one hand, these bring more thematic power, and theme is central to Lines of Questioning. On the other hand, the arrows have an immediate clarity that text lacks. Players will have to invest more effort in processing these tiles, and may not find it easy to tell where the line ends when the board state is complex.

My preferences in art run toward ink paintings, pencil sketches, and other monochromatic works, so I know that I have a pre-existing bias toward the bold, black-and-while arrows that might be coloring my opinion. For that reason–and because I’m not a graphic designer, and am far outside my comfort zone–I’d like to throw the question of the tiles open for discussion. Arrows? Words? More color? Less? Let me know what you think.


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