Lines of Questioning: Coding

I’m always torn when I’m coding. On the one hand, I very much enjoy it. On the other hand, it feels like I have to pause the theoretical aspect of the design work in order to code; the game is here, and I want to take it there, but first I have to get the digital version of the game to where the paper version of the design already is.

Building a strong foundation is important, and I think Lines of Questioning will benefit a great deal from a strong digital implementation. If nothing else, distribution to playtesters will be enormously easier! However, it does mean–in the short term–putting hours toward Unity and C# instead of hammering on the gameplay.

12-1-14 - Unity ScreenshotI’d best get back to working out what the most efficient way to deal out opening hands of tiles is. (The current front-runner is: move an object which is just the tile back, flip it, replace it during the flip with an object whose texture is the front face of the tile, repeat.) Wish me luck. 🙂


One thought on “Lines of Questioning: Coding

  1. Glad to hear you are making a digital port of your game. Good luck with the implementation! I’ve been around the programming block a few times, so if have any questions feel free to ask anytime (:

    I think 3D engines like Unity are awesome, the only problem is every time I try to use them I get lost in writing code that represents the game visually, instead of what I really enjoy which is the logic and ruleset. So usually my games (or apps) turn out to have rich logic but crappy visuals (:

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