Lines of Questioning: Playtesting Update & Possible Rule Change

The law has been gobbling up my time, so just a short update today. Playtesting on Lines of Questioning is continuing apace. Several variants have been shot down, but each one has provided useful information. In particular, they’ve consistently shown that the change intended to discourage repeated two-tile lines is working well.

That change concerns how the lawyer’s lines end. Currently, the rule is that one checks whether the lawyer’s line can continue at the beginning of step 1 of the turn; if not, the lawyer’s tiles that are topmost in their respective squares are removed and a new line begins. The new rule is: check whether the lawyer’s line can continue at the end of step 2. If not, the line ends immediately and the lawyer’s topmost tiles are removed. After this happens, start a new lawyer’s line the next time you reach step 1.

“Whether the line can continue” means, in this context, whether the lawyer could make another play right at that moment. It’s not sufficient that by the time step 1 comes around again the lawyer would be able to place another tile; the lawyer needs to be able to legally place another tile at the end of step 2, or the lawyer’s line ends.

If you get a chance, try this out and let me know how it goes!


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