The Case Study: See for Yourself

Following up on the last post, today League of Gamemakers posted an excellent comparison of dice and cards as design tools. I was particularly struck with the idea of drafting dice, which I didn’t think of when writing Monday’s post but which is a great way to manage randomness. Be sure to give Mr. Caputo’s article a look.

I also wanted to follow up on this post regarding the status of Over the Next Dune. A picture is worth a thousand words, so:

4-8-15 - OtND AlphaThe rules enforcement is almost complete; all that’s left is players leaving paths in the sand. While the art is simple, it beats the strictly-abstract print-and-play by a country mile. Every day sees a few more bugs squashed. I was hoping to have the alpha version available by the end of the week; that might not be feasible, but we’re definitely getting there.


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