The Case Study: Without Further Ado

Here it is!

On the page for Over the Next Dune you’ll find links to versions of the game for PC (Windows 64-bit), Mac (universal), and the Unity web player.

The change log since Wednesday is brief:

– Problems with the “Attempt Rescue” button are fixed; it will now appear and disappear reliably in weird scenarios (e.g., an adventurer drags a searcher over another adventurer).

– “Quit” button implemented. (One doesn’t feel the lack of this within the IDE. Lesson learned!)

– A bug wherein the “End Turn” button wouldn’t appear when the last adventurer escapes while all other adventurers are captured has been fixed.

There are also some bugs I’m aware are still present:

– Terrain can extend beyond the bounds of the board. This has no gameplay effect, but is visually weird. Unfortunately fixes for this are, depending on who you ask, either quite involved or flatly unavailable.

– When three adventurers conduct two rescues simultaneously–that is, they rescue two different adventurers from two different searchers with a single press of “Attempt Rescue”–things don’t work right. I know where the problem is, and just need to get the time to solve it. Fortunately, this situation is very rare.

– The rules screen doesn’t look right in the Windows builds. It’s fine in the web player version. Not having a Mac myself, I don’t know what it looks like there. 😉

You’ll see that the game has gone through a name change. “Over the Next Dune” just wasn’t relevant to the new theme. I’m not satisfied with the new name–“Through the Jungle”–and am going to put some thought into a better one now that I’m not constantly thinking about other issues. 😉

Please feel free to leave feedback as a comment to this post, or by email at (the name of this blog, all as one word) Please don’t leave comments anywhere else; if they’re in those two places I’m sure not to miss any, and it’ll always be clear what version a comment applies to.

At the moment I’m particularly curious about:

1. Difficulty. How often did you win, out of the games you played? Did you find the challenge too great, too low, or about right?

2. Theme. What do you think of the new traversing-a-deserted-island theme?

3. UI. Are the buttons big enough in play? Too big?

4. Bugs. If you encounter a bug that’s not listed above, please let me know!


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