In the Workshop

I’ve been in the workshop recently, prototyping something new. The project is in the very earliest stages and subject to enormous changes/complete scrapping, but I’m excited about it. Much of the fun of game design is the beginning, when you can imagine that an idea will work smoothly. 😉

(Mental note: “in the workshop” sounds much better than “at an old desk in the utility room.”)

This game’s concept is no more than two weeks old, which means that not only is it possible to prototype it, it’s high time to do so. Many if not most design problems cannot be solved just by envisioning how a game will play. Only putting the game on the table will tell you how it’s really going to work. As Yogi Berra put it, “[i]n theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

Now, back to the workshop. I still need to finish up some cards . . . .


2 thoughts on “In the Workshop

  1. Sounds like fun, hope the prototyping goes well. If you need any external testing let me know.

    I’m thinking of starting a new project but will probably want a few weeks to give myself a break between things.

    Great quote (by Yogi Berra) by the way!

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