Phalanx: Dear Me

Dear Me,

You got a lot of great feedback today. That means it was a good day for the game!

Now, 48 hours from now something is going to be broken again–probably a lot of things. You’re going to be hip-deep in trying to get your code to work. There’s no reason to deny it; that’s always how this sort of thing plays out.

When immersed in the code like that it can be difficult to remember what the real goals are, as distinct from what the very next step of get-this-to-work requires. Ergo, I’m noting the feedback here, where you’re sure to look. 😉

  • Bodies are distracting; look like they should still be something the player can interact with. Either get rid of them entirely or make them more obviously not like active pieces.
    • Animation for dying that then goes away?
  • Small sparks indicating where formations have hit each other head-on.
  • Board colors are too intense; looks like a camo pattern, or just like digital blur. Do something different; perhaps muted colors with a layer of grass at the bottom?
  • Only highlight the last formation created; highlighting all of them becomes less useful over time.

Good luck!

– You


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