In the Lab: Porting Phalanx

I’m very proud of Phalanx, but the specific changes and improvements that people have suggested for the next iteration aren’t easy to do in HTML5. Furthermore, Phalanx’s assets are starting to be a bit much for web publishing; there’s already noticeable lag as the game loads, and every further bit of juice is going to make that worse. Those two factors are driving me to re-implement the game in Unity.

As I do so, I’m taking the opportunity to clean up Phalanx’s code. During the rapid prototyping process that brought the game to life I was focused on “does this work,” and not especially concerned about optimization. While it’s not a taxing game to run even in that non-optimized state, there are some areas–particularly in how pieces determine whether the space they want to move into is open–where there’s room for improvement. This is clearly the right time to take care of them.

Needless to say, the changes in architecture have produced a new round of logic errors. 😉 Such is the way of things, I’m learning.

If you need me, I’ll be in the trenches . . . .


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