25th Hour Projects: The Dead Man’s Hand

No one likes a cheat. That’s good; you don’t want them to like you.

It would be easy enough to win this game. An ace in the hand, an ace in the river, and an ace up your sleeve pretty much guarantee that you can take the pot. With four raises behind you and more ahead, it would be quite a haul.

The money, though, isn’t what you’re looking for. No, you need to show them that you can fool them. That you have been fooling them, all along. You need to win and win, so that they know you must be cheating, and then you need to let them see how, so that they see without a shadow of a doubt that you did cheat them, and that they couldn’t catch you until you let them.

Of course, that final reveal has to be perfect in every respect. It must reveal the trick while also proving that you’re in total control of the situation. That they’re only realizing what happened because you wanted them to.

They won’t be happy. It’ll still be worth it.


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