Talk on Cooperative Game Design: Following Up

Thanks to all who came out for my talk at the Tech Valley Game Space on Wednesday. I hope those who were there found it informative–certainly, I enjoyed the chance to give it!

When the video of the talk is available, I’ll add a link to it. I’d put up the slide deck, but it’s frankly incomprehensible without the audio. 😉

By the by, the Tech Valley Game Space is a remarkable spot. Housed in a maker space in downtown Troy, NY, it offers access to all manner and hue of equipment. 3D printers are just the start of what it has–and of course, that’s to say nothing of the community. The organizers are knowledgeable, helpful, and doing a lot to foster an independent game design and development community in the area. Stop in if you get the chance.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined us!


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