Finding Indie Games

Over the weekend a friend asked where I find indie video games. There are basically five sources I use:

Steam: The big dog of digital distribution. Lots of indie games are on Steam; unfortunately, Steam’s catalog is at this point so vast that finding them can be difficult if you don’t already know what you’re looking for.

The Humble Store: Some of the same content as Steam, but often at a different price point depending on who’s running a sale. It’s good to compare the two. A storefront focused on indie designs. Games with cool ideas but which have not secured market interest–or which have no desire to seek market interest–often end up here.

Twitter: Following creators you’re interested in is a good way to find out when they’re releasing something new. This brings with it all the costs of social media, and it’s not for everyone.

Friends: The last but by no means the least. Many, many games are coming out all the time. Your friends know you, what you like, and what you don’t like but might find interesting nevertheless. Their recommendations are a great way to navigate the flood and pick out the content that’s best for you.

Notably absent from this list is Kickstarter. I’ve backed a lot of kickstarters, but I always find the ones I’m interested in elsewhere; there are a lot of games seeking funding, and it’s not feasible to scroll through all of them.


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