Sumer: Tournament Play

Sumer held a tournament this evening, which is expected to be up on Youtube shortly. I was eliminated in the semifinals, and never made it onto the stream; that’s bad for me, but it means you’ll not have to watch my “statues at all costs” gameplan. That approach can be effective but it’s not, perhaps, dynamic. 😉

At the risk of outstaying my welcome on this topic, Sumer is on Kickstarter now, and it’s great. I don’t have any financial stake in the game; I just like worker-placement games, and think Agricola-meets-Galaxy Trucker is fun. If that sounds good to you as well, I’d encourage you to give them a look.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t root for the home team by mentioning that Sumer is on Kickstarter. Sumer, which started life as a thesis project at the NYU Game Center, takes on the question of what happens when you take a worker-placement game and play it in real time on a computer. It turns out that if you put in the enormous amount of work the Sumer team has, the answer is “you get a really excellent game.”

The Kickstarter page talks about Sumer in some detail, so I’ll just say that it’s inspired by the classic M.U.L.E., has undergone intense playtesting (it’s already seen tournament play!), and is a ton of fun. Give the Kickstarter a look; this game’s worth your time.