Tidying Up

Over the past week I’ve noticed some things about the blog that were a bit rough around the edges. Today I’m going to take a bit of time to tidy them up.

First and foremost, new rules and a revised print-and-play file are available for Over the Next Dune. These take into account the changes to the communication rules in the last post, and also include some other minor fixes. As always, if you have the opportunity to play the game please let me know how it goes and what I can improve.

Over the Next Dune – Rules – 2-14-14

Over the Next Dune – Print and Play – 2-14-14

Second, I’m revisiting the post on postulates a little bit. On re-reading I felt that it was a bit unclear; there was too much showing of work and not enough organized presentation. The new version will be, I hope, a little bit better.

Third and finally, I’m fixing a couple of typos in old posts. I suspect no one but me cares too much about them, but if you caught them before and can’t find them now, you’re not going crazy. 😉


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