The Case Study: “The Wall” Results

The latest round of playtesting is complete! Here are the results:

Game    Middle    End-Run    With Tracking
1            W/8/1    W/7/0         L/5/7
2            W/7/2    W/7/0         W/8/0
3            L/3/2      L/5/5           L/7/5
4            W/8/3    L/3/2           W/10/5
5            L/6/3      W/7/0         W/7/2
6            W/6/1    L/7/3           L/”11″/9 – players lose by timeout
7            W/6/0    W/5/0         W/7/0
8            W/9/3    W/9/0         W/7/3
9            W/9/4    W/5/0         L/6/5
10          W/8/3    L/4/1           L/6/4

My work has been keeping me busy, so analysis will have to wait for next time, but just off the cuff this looks promising . . . .


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