The Case Study: (Small) Update

I wanted to give a quick update on Over the Next Dune. Unfortunately, playtesting opportunities have been sparser than expected–the end of summer is a busy time for everyone, playtesters included! Testing results are, as a result, still forthcoming.

A major force behind my recent turn toward building a PC version of OtND is that I’d like to increase the number of people I can reach out to for testing. It’s one thing to say “please print these pages, cut them out, learn the game, play, and report back.” Skipping to the third step by sending out a .exe makes the request something else entirely.

OtND hasn’t changed much in the last few weeks, but it’s by no means forgotten. As always, if you have the chance to play some test games (especially with the five-turn, 30-card deck variant) let me know. If print-and-play isn’t something you’re interested in, stay tuned for the computerized edition.


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