Lines of Questioning: Updates Across the Board

Lines of Questioning is currently undergoing a lot of changes–none of which, ironically, affect core gameplay very much. These include:

New art: while it’s good to have rules when handling art in DIY fashion, it’s even better to get a talented artist to help out. Lines of Questioning now has a new board and tiles–and they’re amazing! I just need to check one last thing with the artist, and then I’ll be ready to show them to you.

Revamped rulebook: over the past few weeks I’ve asked playtesters to learn Lines of Questioning entirely from the rulebook, and got their feedback on what was missing or unclear. Their comments have helped make the rules, by conservative estimate, one zillion percent clearer. A revised rulebook is almost done; it has more and better explanations, to say nothing of a number of example diagrams.

Alternative approach to question tiles: this one is more gameplay-related. One interesting piece of playtester feedback was that discarding question tiles when the lawyer’s line ends was a strong feel-bad moment. I’m getting ready for another playtesting project to see what happens if question tiles are never discarded.

PC implementation: it’s getting closer! I have a version that works, but it isn’t fully rules-enforced. Once it’s over that hurdle, I’ll consider it ready for a beta release.

I’m very pleased with how Lines of Questioning is shaping up. Aesthetically it’s going to be leaps and bounds ahead of where it was–there’s just no comparison. Playtesters have given positive feedback about the design (which feels good) and have expressed that they’d like some things changed (which energizes the project like nothing else). New players will shortly find the game a lot easier to get into. All of these are exciting developments; stay tuned!


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