The Case Study: Alpha Version on May 1

Court deadlines impose a certain amount of discipline on a lawyer. It’s not possible to iterate forever; at X time on Y date, you must file. That limit forces attorneys to prioritize, to use their time wisely, and ultimately to make arguments and advance their clients’ causes.

I appreciate the value of iteration, but I also think the discipline created by deadlines–even self-imposed ones–is valuable. So: on Friday of next week, May 1, I’ll post the PC implementation of Over the Next Dune. It will be as bug-free and complete as I can make it in that time. Doubtless there will be more to do thereafter, from both technical and gameplay perspectives, but it’s time for the “feedback” part of the feedback loop to get underway in earnest.

If you’re looking to play the game early, the print-and-play version is available. I promise that the PC version looks . . . well, it at least has colors. 😉


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