The Case Study: Debugging . . . the Rules Screen

In what I can only interpret as a warning against hubris, my efforts to put a “detailed rules” screen into Through the Jungle at first failed so catastrophically that any attempt to view them crashed Unity. Some crashes were been so bad that they changed the layout of the IDE windows! Remind me never to think “I know how to do this, it’ll be easy.”

The crashes are now resolved. Unfortunately, figuring out what was causing them* took so long that the more conventional work of getting the screen scrolling properly, getting everything hooked up internally, etc. is still underway. Owing to the talk I won’t have time to work on it tomorrow, but I’ll have a go at it again on Friday.

* I spent a long time looking at the code, but as it turned out the problem was a misclicked setting in the IDE relating to one of the GUI elements that handles scrolling text. I’m not at all certain why that caused crashes as opposed to just a weird-looking interface.


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