The Case Study: New Version

I’ve just updated Through the Jungle’s page with new versions! They include changes inspired by Jay’s feedback: the full game rules can now be accessed from the main menu or during play (press Detailed Rules in the upper right corner of the How to Play screen), and the water that served as a border for the map has been replaced by mountains on the three sides where it’s not possible to escape.

Jay also made the excellent suggestion that the animals should behave more like animals. For example, their movement should feel more like stalking and pouncing, and less like a sweeping dragnet. I really like that, and am going to put some design work in to figure out exactly how that would work and what other changes, if any, would be necessary to balance the very different gameplay experience that would result.

This is one example of why feedback is so valuable. I was too close to the existing movement system to see even the possibility of a different one, much less its advantages over what I’ve been doing. Get playtesters involved as early and as often as possible!

As always, let me know what you think, and if you run into any issues!


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