Still In the Lab

One thing I’ve found challenging at times is the balance between writing and designing. Normally, the two work in concert; knowing I have a post due pushes me to keep the design work going so that I’ll have something to talk about. From time to time, though, they do conflict; either a lengthy, complex post eats into design time, or the demands of design work prevent me from writing much.

I’m in the latter position right now, having spent the time I set aside for writing this post on a project I’m very excited about. I apologize for the brevity of this update, but I assure you: this game is worth it. 🙂


One thought on “Still In the Lab

  1. I’m often torn between how much time I should be spending writing my blogs or doing other hobbies like game design or Japanese study.

    In regards to comparison with game design, for the short term, I find that blogging has the advantages, at least in theory, that other people can give me feedback about what I am working on, and also putting things into words allows to crystalize and clarify my thought process so I can convey it to others. However in reality I am not sure how valuable these two points really are, at least the first one considering I don’t usually get much feedback.

    Long term, the more I write the more chance I have of getting people to my blog, which can translate to more users of my games, in theory.

    However, lately I feel like I just gravitate to blogging as it’s a good way to slack off from other more important things. Also, it’s easier to do in small bursts of time.

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