Hello again!

Good to see you! It’s been a while.

For the past year and more I’ve been designing, teaching, and building a new life as a full-time creator/instructor/parent. The process has been a tremendous challenge. It has also been enormously rewarding.

Going forward, I will not be posting on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. I loved discussing design here on a regular basis, and hope to do that again in the future. For now, though, I can foresee that posting with that kind of frequency is unrealistic.

Instead, I will be writing as events warrant. My expectation is that individual posts will cover the same areas as before: design theory, useful resources, and so forth. The first such note will go up shortly.

Thanks again for spending time here–and here’s to many more years of learning together!

Mark Your Calendars

It doesn’t seem that the website is up yet, but the NYU Game Center’s End-of-Year Show is the evening of May 18th in Brooklyn, NY. The End-of-Year Show is a chance to play and discuss games with a who’s-who of the New York game creation scene. Tickets are free, and NYU pays for the food; it’s well worth your time!

My Apologies

I have to ask everyone’s forgiveness for not updating last week. In my defense, I’ve never had a child before last week. 😉

This next week will also be an off week for the blog. Normal service will resume next Monday. 🙂

. . . and We’re Back

In the trenches, that is. 😉

Sorry for the late and minor update; the beginning of the week has been all about digital implementation, with a side of teaching prep. Friday will probably be a bit of a quiet day as well, but I’m hoping to have something a little more substantial for Monday.