NYU Game Center Charity Stream

Just as a reminder, block off 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow! The NYU Game Center will be streaming games from the End of Year Show. Missy Senteio, whose work was recently featured at the American Museum of Natural History, and Zach Barash, a designer for Kingdom Death whose Magic: the Gathering writing has been featured on the official Magic site numerous times, are slated to co-host.



Mark Your Calendars

It doesn’t seem that the website is up yet, but the NYU Game Center’s End-of-Year Show is the evening of May 18th in Brooklyn, NY. The End-of-Year Show is a chance to play and discuss games with a who’s-who of the New York game creation scene. Tickets are free, and NYU pays for the food; it’s well worth your time!

No Quarter

If you’re in New York City, this Friday is No Quarter, an annual event showcasing indie games that play well for large groups. To date I’ve only had the opportunity to play Stephen Lawrence Clark’s work, and it’s amazing; I’ve no doubt that the other three games to be featured will be spectacular as well.

No Quarter starts at 7:00 p.m., and is entirely free. Drop by if you can!