In the Grand Tradition

It seems traditional that every game design blog must sometimes say “I’m too busy working on X to post.”

Far be it for me to break with tradition. 😉

I’m bug-fixing a game for class. The current bug has proven quite remarkable: it’s revealed a number of problems with my code, but fixing each one only reveals a deeper, more profound error. As a result, I keep thinking I’m having the “eureka” moment, and then discovering that I have instead found only a new tip of the same iceberg.

I hope it’s the same iceberg, anyway. If there’s two (or more?) icebergs below the surface . . . hoo, boy.

On the plus side, this is one of the games that’s motivating me to get a better website up and running. I think it’s actually pretty neat. When it doesn’t crash. 😉


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