A Less Fraught Election

Getting tired of vicious campaigning and elections that might change the fate of the post-war order? Take a break by voting on this low-stakes thesis prototype theme!

Which of these do you like best?

  1. You are a dragonslaying knight. Unfortunately, you are woefully unprepared. You must dig through the dragon’s hoard for power-ups, while the dragon gets angrier and angrier.
  2. You are a dragon. After thousands of years, you are decidedly bored. You are giving a dragonslaying knight power-ups from your hoard, so that the knight will spur you on to regain your old flying, firebreathing ways.
  3. You are a baby dragon whose parents have decided that it’s time for you to leave the nest. They have asked a local knight to stop by and pretend to chase you so that you’ll learn to fly and breathe fire.

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