At the Global Game Jam I got to work with Sam Von Ehren and Zach Barash, both of whom are amazing designers, on a game made with Move38’s forthcoming Blinks.

In the original design, two cooperating players raced against time to get waves of color to meet at specified points. Each player had a red, yellow, and blue source. To score a purple tile, one player had to send out red and the other blue, timing the waves so that they would reach the purple tile at the same time.

After scoring players were obliged to reposition one of the tiles, and each scored tile would become a barrier to future waves. They could then choose a new tile to be their goal–but with the board getting more complicated mistakes got easier. Players needed to keep a cool head with time running out to get a high score.

Being a game jam, we didn’t get all of that implemented. Nevertheless, it was fun to work with new technology, and we feel that the design is very promising. Here’s hoping to get to work further on the game as the platform goes forward.


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