Announcing: Accelemechs vs. Crashotrons!

Accelemechs vs. Crashotrons is the most rigorous game of flinging socks at toys you’ll ever play, and the silliest deep tactical challenge you’ll ever face. Your Accelemechs and your opponent’s Crashotrons will maneuver across a battlefield set up on your dinner table, knocking each other over with speed, daring, and the occasional thrown object. If you own some robots that turn into vehicles, you can be playing inside of five minutes.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about the game’s inspirations and design objectives. I’ll get into how it plays, and why it works the way it does. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll talk about all the reasons it doesn’t work like many wargames do.

Accelemechs vs. Crashotrons releases as a pay-what-you-want tabletop wargame on on August 24th. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday evening between now and then for new posts about the game. (EDIT: an index of these posts is below.)

Get your toy robots out of storage, clear the kitchen table, and roll up a sock. We’ve got battles to win!

Accelemechs vs. Crashotrons design posts

Writing the Rulebook