Last Bastion: Getting There

Last Bastion‘s design process has been . . . involved. The game is currently on version 8.4; each new whole number represents a completely new prototype. Moreover, that does not include the very earliest concept-exploration prototypes over the summer.

Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. My major stakeholder was very pleased with how today’s test went, and I’m excited about the current direction. It’s interesting from a design perspective, and has a neat, wild magic feeling to it.

While it’s not yet ready for prime time, Last Bastion is getting there. Look for more news on it in the future.

Last Bastion

They’re endless.

You and your companions are heroes worthy of myth. Possessed of incomparable strength, dauntless courage, and endless wit, you are each a force to be reckoned with. Together, you are the greatest warriors of your age, able to stand beside those who have written their names into history.

Even so, you might lose the day.

A horde stretches out to the horizon before you. If there is a limit to their numbers–surely there must be–you cannot see it. The walls you defend are thick and high, but even vast piles of rock can be worn down by such a tide.

“No,” one of you says to the others, reading the group’s thoughts. “They have a limit. We can hold against them.”

A cry you feel in your bones heralds their first rush.

Thesis: A New Look

Apologies for the late update! It’s been a week of coding, testing, and now more coding in response to the testing. 😉

You’ll have to forgive me for needing to sleep, but I leave you with a shot of placeholder art:


Bonus points if you can tell how this boss fight works. 🙂

Hit Me: Color Scheme

On the list of things I didn’t think to consider before starting at what is, technically, an art school: color schemes!


I’m not entirely happy with the orange in the center or the light green, but I this is getting closer to a spaghetti western feel–something suitable for the OK Corral . . . .

Hit Me

You have enough time . . . if you can steal it.

Time is jealous. It’s given you exactly what it thinks you’re supposed to have. Under no circumstances should you be getting more.

Yours has run out–but you have a way to slip extra right out of time’s back pocket. You can only take a little at a go. 2.1 seconds a try, at best. Reach for more, and time will put you in your place by skipping you right over.

Now you have to play for your life, with the next few seconds as the stakes. Play your cards right, and you can change your history. Play your cards wrong, and you won’t have the chance to worry about the house’s edge.

Guitar Zero: Prototype

As promised, a quick prototype for Guitar Zero: a cheerfully silly (and surprisingly mechanically intensive) match-3 game.


You’re performing for a crowd that doesn’t expect much of you. Find matches in the shape of power chords, and you’ll build up your multiplier–but also the fans’ expectations. Disappoint them too many times when they’re getting excited, and they’ll boo you off the stage! Get enough points before you’ve played fifty chords/made fifty matches to win.

Guitar Zero is a test of how one might keep players challenging themselves as their skill level increases. You can reach the end with little difficulty–but you won’t win that way. Succeeding requires taking on some risk. To get a truly great score, you’ll need to put yourself to the test.