End-of-Year Show

If you’re in the New York City area, drop by the NYU Game Center’s End-of-Year show!


You can grab tickets (which are free) here. Two teams I’m on will have games there; one of the games is an experiential journey that mixes Panoramical with Banished, while the other is an artistic wargame. I’m extremely proud to have been involved with both–and that’s just a fraction of what will be on display.

You’ll find a sport played on an infinite field, a competitive heist game, and a family-friendly puzzler. There’s a game that zooms in on the moment-by-moment of a MOBA teamfight, an adventure game in which you decipher mysterious glyphs, a game that shows you the world through the eyes of animals and insects . . . I could go on and on, and not do any of the projects justice. Come and see for yourself!


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